Certificate of Competence in Writing for the Screen

Certificate of Competence in Writing for the Screen

This three-month intensive hands-on course in Writing for the Screen is taught by industry professionals who have extensive experience in film and television. Learners will be introduced to industry screenplay formats through screenwriting programs like Final Draft and Celtic. Also, learners will write and develop several drafts of screenplays, synopses, and treatments. The course instructors, in turn, will provide feedback and critique on learners’ writings for revisions toward subsequent drafts.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you:
1. Will be able to develop story ideas and material through news articles, books, newspaper articles, lyrics of songs, personal experiences, and imagination.
2. Will be able to translate developed story ideas into a screenplay.


1. You will gain hands-on experience from industry directors and professionals with vast experience home and abroad.
2. You will build a professional portfolio for employment in the film and television industries.
3. You will gain Certificate of Competence in Writing for the Screen.

Minimum Entry Requirement: A Senior High School Certificate, at least. Applicants are to note that an interview is required to assess their suitability for this course.