Why Choose SCA

7 Reasons Why you should choose SCA.

1. At the School for the Creative Arts, you will learn by doing rather than sitting in lectures. Learn what you love. Learning by doing helps build your confidence.

2. Out-of-the-box thinking is at the core of our curriculum. Therefore you learn to be able to think for yourself in problem-solving situations.

3. Classes are conducted by experienced working professionals who will expose you to real industry projects. You will get the opportunity to experience the creative industries while at the school.

4. You will graduate with an industry-standard creative portfolio. To employers in the creative industries, portfolios speak louder than words. Portfolios demonstrate ones creativity and ability to deliver. They can enhance employability and help secure commissions.

5. Courses are offered in the competency-based training (CBT) mode which means that you acquire skills which can be applied in industry and in creative practice.

6. You will develop leadership, management and entrepreneurial competencies integral to building and sustaining an entrepreneurial venture.

7. Our courses provide cross-border and international career opportunities.