Welcome message from the Principal

I am very proud to be the first Principal of the School for the Creative Arts, Africa’s premiere and only creative entrepreneurship-focused institution.

With my rich academic and professional background in higher education in Africa, having spearheaded a University as Vice Chancellor, and my exposure to the business community and to national as well as international institutions –public and private- I most humbly offer my expertise to the cause of the School in its commendable bid to promote entrepreneurship through creativity, innovation and leadership.

Higher education worldwide is facing the challenge of graduating an industry-ready workforce in emerging more than contemporary fields of knowledge and employability skills. The creative arts is one such area where the upcominggeneration will turn to generate sustainable societies and, at the same time, provide opportunities in the leisure and entertainment industries. Any country’s solid arts, science and technology-base is a sine qua nonmatrix to create a society’s fabric as a stable economy, with people leading a well-balanced life enriched with culture, prosperity and health.

Besides the lecturers and tutors/demonstrators, the teaching faculty (course facilitators) who will facilitate all our programmes and courses are distinguished working industry practitioners, entrepreneurship development experts, creative entrepreneurs and successful business founders who will equip you with professional skills, leadership and managerial competencies, and the entrepreneurial abilities and aptitudes you need to succeed as a creative professional or entrepreneur.

By enrolling on our SCACEP programme, you will be taking the first bold step in that direction. Learn more about us by browsing the website. We guarantee no disappointment for dedicated learners.