Certificate of Competence in Video Editing

Certificate of Competence in Video Editing

In an intensive and rigorous two-month course, learners will be introduced to the essentials of video editing through a series of hands-on workshops. Learners will imbibe and master the practical application and concepts of video editing and how they influence screen storytelling. The course will equip students with industry technical know-how through two cutting-edge video editing programs, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut X. Learners will learn professional workflow and editing complex sequences while learning the concepts of file management, editing audio, color correction, grading, rendering, text, importing and exporting files, and uploading and posting videos online.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
1. edit with Adobe Premiere Pro.
2. edit with Final Cut X.
3. create an edited video sequence (or a video presentation) using these programmes.
4. defend your completed work and explain your approach to developing the finished work verbally or in writing.

1. You will gain hands-on experience from an experienced video editor.
2. You will build a professional portfolio for employment in the film and television industries.
3. You will gain Certificate of Competence in Video Editing.

Minimum Entry Requirement: A Senior High School Certificate, at least. Applicants are to note that an interview is required to assess their suitability for this course.