Certificate of Competence in Motion Graphics Design

Certificate of Competence in Motion Graphics Design

This course will equip learners with practical skills and professional awareness required in creating motion graphics for the commercial world.

In this six months course, learners will explore the techniques Adobe After Effects software provide motion graphics artists in producing works for film and Television. It will equip learners for jobs in the production of advertising communication, corporate videos, music videos, and in broadcast industry for title sequence and programme content sequence creation. Learners will initially be introduced to design fundamental units to enable them to build solid foundation for visual communication practice.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will:
1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant tools of the After Effects software.
2. Be able to create a business presentation.
3. Understand and articulate industry terminology in practical applications.
4. Demonstrate ability to grade a film in After Effects.
5. Demonstrate ability to create effects in After Effects.
6. Able to edit green screen.
7. Render outcomes to correct resolutions for international broadcast standards.

1. You will gain hands-on experience from an experienced industry professional.
2. You will build a professional portfolio for employment in the advertising, film, television and entertainment industries.
3. You will gain Certificate of Competence in Motion Graphics Design.

Equipment Required: All the learners will be required to bring to class a laptop computer with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro software installed.

Minimum Entry Requirement: A Senior High School Certificate, at least. Applicants are to note that an interview is required to assess their suitability for this course.