Composition of The Academic Board

Professor Dr. Indurlall Fagoonee
Professor Indurllal Fagoonee who is the principal academic and administrative officer of the School is the Chairman of the Academic Board. He brings to the Academic Board more than 15 years first hand experience as a Senate/Academic Board member and Dean of Faculty, as well as Chairperson of a University Senate. As such, he is fully conversant with curriculum development, quality assurance in tertiary education, open and distance learning, examination and other assessment processes.

Professor Glenn Lewis, Industry Patron
BFA, MFA and MPd
Glenn Lewis is a Consultant Designer, Specialist in Product Design, Digital Visualization and Additive Manufacturing. He is an industrial designer with a passion for expanding the boundaries of creative design, innovation and technology. He is a former professor of industrial design at various US Research institutions (Georgia Institute of Technology; University of Cincinnati; North Carolina State University). He is seeking to channel his skills into product design, consultancy, teaching and training. He brings his 3D design expertise and experience to the Academic Board to steer us in the right direction with regards to the relevance and quality of our programmes of studies.

3. Head, Faculty of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

4. Head, Faculty of Design

5. Head, Faculty of Photography, Film and Television

6. A Student Representative