The Creative Entrepreneurship Programme (SCACEP)

The Creative Entrepreneurship Programme (SCACEP)
Programme Rationale and Description

To help ease graduate unemployment and support the country’s effort to provide wealth and job creation opportunities for its people and to participate in the industrialization of the economy, the School for the Creative Arts’ Creative Entrepreneurship Programme acronymed SCACEP aims at helping unemployed graduates develop industry-relevant skills, business management competencies, and the entrepreneurial abilities and aptitudes to enable them to create and run their own creative businesses. This programme emphasizes creativity and employability and is geared towards venture creation.

SCACEP offers a number of pathways:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Film Production
  • Advertising Communication, Design and Management

To enroll on this programme, the applicant must prove his or her seriousness and interest in one of the pathways mentioned above. This programme is for those who are seriously looking to develop professional skills to create and run their own businesses in the rewarding world of creative sector.

Programme Structure

This Eighteen-month training cum mentoring programme is conducted in a five-stage sequence as listed below:

  • Stage One : Critical and Conceptual Creative Thinking Skills Development
  • Stage Two : Professional Skills Development
  • Stage Three : Entrepreneurship Development
  • Stage Four : Business Management Competency Development
  • Stage Five : Creating, Launching and Marketing Your Business

Learning and Assessment

You will learn through a wide variety of teaching and learning methods including practical workshops, lectures, collaborative work and peer group critiques. Your assessment will be based on the submission of a dissertation to prove key competencies and creative portfolio that demonstrates proficiency and excellence from a professional’s perspective.

Programme Facilitators

Training will be conducted by entrepreneurship experts and experienced industry practitioners who have distinguished themselves in the specialization areas.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this programme, you will:

  • Develop critical and conceptual creative thinking skills which can be applied in any profession. You will be able to think independently.
  • Develop your entrepreneurial mindset which is required for starting up as an entrepreneur.
  • Develop managerial competencies integral to building and sustaining an entrepreneurial venture.
  • Understand basic finance.
  • Understand the legal aspects of entrepreneurship.
  • Know how to build effective team for your would-be business.
  • Write a business and marketing plan for your would-be business.
  • Know how to create, launch and market your would-be business.


  • Develop the professional skills, attitudes and aptitudes that can help you get and keep a job.
  • Be mentored by industry practitioners, entrepreneurship experts and successful creative entrepreneurs.
  • Build an industry-standard creative portfolio that guarantees employability.
  • Gain valuable experience from like-minded learners and build contacts or networks.
  • Gain Certificate of Participation.

Entry Requirements

  • Be 24 years or above.
  • Be a holder of Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. Or submit a creative portfolio for consideration.

Tuition Fee

  • Ghanaian Learners: GHC6,000 with flexible payment plan.
  • Foreign Learners: USD3,000 with flexible payment plan.

How to Apply
Send your CV, business manifesto of 500 words (essay about the business you want to set up after school) and a statement about how you will finance your tuition to Only the short-listed will be contacted.

Intake Periods

Class Streams
Day Stream: 9a.m – 4:00p.m
Evening Stream: 6:30p.m – 9:00p.m

Flexible Payment Plans Available. Terms and Conditions Apply. For further details, please send your enquiries to