Certificate of Competence in Directing for the Screen

Certificate of Competence in Directing for the Screen

This three-month intensive hands-on Directing for the Screen course is taught in a workshop by industry professionals with a wealth of expertise in the motion picture industry both at home and abroad. The course will introduce learners to the essential history and theory of directing for the screen as a discipline. Learns will also have the rare opportunity of working with an acting coach and directing professional actors for short scenes and receive instant critique and feedback from industry instructors. Learners will develop original cinematic ideas through writing synopses, treatments and screenplays to adequately prepare for a professional career in the continent’s golden age of media and creative industry. Learners will also be introduced to aspects of creative producing with a focus on budgets, production management, and casting using high-end industry resources like Movie Magic Scheduling.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will:
1. be able to read, decipher and break down a script and generate the requisite work and production documents associated in the forms of shooting scripts, storyboards and director’s notes.
2. be able to clearly and effectively interpret and communicate the creative vision to crew and cast.
3. have a sense of readiness and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing nature of production. Innovative problem-solving is greatly required on a film set.
4. have a comprehensive understanding of the production workflow and a director’s creative decisions have a direct correlation with the post production process

1. You will gain hands-on experience from industry directors and professionals with vast experience at home and abroad.
2. You will build a professional portfolio for employment in the film and television industries.
3. You will gain Certificate of Competence in Directing for the Screen.

Minimum Entry Requirement: A Senior High School Certificate, at least. Applicants are to note that an interview is required to assess their suitability for this course.