Centre for Internationalization and Competitiveness (CIC)

The Centre for Internationalization and Competitiveness at the School for the Creative Arts is created to promote internationalization and competitiveness to private, public and voluntary sector organizations. We do this through executive coaching and training workshops.

The Centre aims at establishing lifelong strategic partnerships with governments, particularly the under-developed and developing ones, creating and facilitating opportunities for indigenous and non-indigenous people to play a pivotal role in economic development and transformation and also promoting their internationalization.

Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas who is the Chancellor of the School is the Patron of the Centre. He is the world’s first Professor of corporate transformation and international authority on director board and business development, corporate communication, learning and transformation, and change, knowledge and talent management. Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas, author of “Winning Companies; Winning People” has delivered EU and other programmes to increase competitiveness and help entrepreneurs, boards and management teams to build international businesses. He has also led investigations that have produced around 20 research reports on critical success factors in key areas for competing and winning in competitive markets, including winning new business, competitive bidding, building customer relationships, purchasing, pricing, corporate learning and creating and exploiting intellectual capital.

The Centre has well established working relationship with renowned business development experts who can help your organization with the following services:

International market research
International trade advisory
Creating value for customers
Brand identity creation
Corporate and product rebranding
Winning new business
Creating Effective Board
Creating Effective Management Team

In relation to strategic advisory services, the Principal Professor Fagoonee has had wide advisory and consultancy experience related to development across Africa which should create related interest at Governmental and pan-African level.

Contact the Centre for any of these services and enquiries by giving a call on or sending an email to director.cic@sca.edu.gh.