Limited by Guarantee (Not-for-profit), the School for the Creative Arts is governed by two authoritative bodies:

  • Executive Council
  • Academic Board

Executive Council

  • The Executive Council (EC) is the executive body of the institution; it has custody, control and use of the common seal of the School.
  • The EC carries the ultimate responsibility for the overall strategic directions of the School and for the general management and administration of the finances, property and affairs generally, including the employment arrangements for all staff.
  • The EC also ensures that work being undertaken by committees or individual officers is consistent with the School’s strategic goals and is within the bounds of good practice.
  • The Principal is the Chief Academic and Administrative Officer of the School, and has general responsibility to the Executive Council for maintaining and promoting the good order and efficiency of the School.
  • The Executive Council is assisted by two committees; Finance Committee and Campus Development Committee.

Academic Board

  • The Academic Board plays a key role in the governance of the School for the Creative Arts. It acts as the School’s principal academic authority. The Academic Board is responsible to the EC for the promotion of research and for monitoring standards in teaching and learning.
  • It is the awarding body of the School. It oversees the School’s academic management, including curriculum and all aspects of academic quality and standards, as well as student admissions and welfare. Its meetings concentrate on major issues of academic strategy, policy, priority and performance.
  • The Academic Board discharges its duties through three Committees, namely, Curriculum Development Committee, Quality Assurance Committee and Competency Assessment Committee.